#21 A cancer virologist and a chatbot walk into a bar…….

Poems contributed by Dr Eric Johannsen and ChatGPT:


EBV, a virus once unknown

But now, its impact widely shown

Infecting cells, it lingers on

And can lead to cancer, it has been shown


It starts with a simple infection

But can lead to a grave imperfection

In the DNA, it makes a mark

Spurring on the uncontrolled growth, a stark


From lymphomas to nasopharynx

EBV’s role in cancer, now linked

Though not all cases, it’s understood

Its role, a contributing factor, for sure it could


So let us be cautious, take care

And do what we can, to be aware

For EBV and cancer, a dangerous pair

Let’s work to prevent, with love and care.


Poem #2

A CD4/CD8 ratio, so fine and neat,

Can tell us much about our health and fate.
It measures T-cells, so strong and brave,
That fight against disease, and keep us safe.
A low CD4 count, with CD8 high,
Can signal trouble, as the body fights.
It may indicate a weakened immune,
And raise a flag for cancer to assume.
The ratio helps us keep a watchful eye,
For changes that may point to malignancy.
With early detection, we can take a stand,
And give our bodies a fighting chance.
So let us heed this simple, crucial test,
That measures our defenses at their best.
For knowledge is power, in health and life,

And the CD4/CD8 ratio cuts the strife.